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Walford girls, past and present, have enjoyed a wonderful education in a tradition that dates back to 1893. This legacy of success and achievement is to be treasured and built upon.

Many of the facilities that our students enjoy today would not have been possible without the generosity of past and present generations. Such developments illustrate how willing people have been to invest in the future of Walford. This support has enabled the scholastic, cultural and sporting success of the School to be so significant over many years.

Your help by supporting the School, within your capacity to do so, will make a real difference in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of current and future generations of Walford girls. With your help, much can be achieved!

There are many ways to support the school and continue the Walford tradition of giving to benefit both current and future generations of girls.

Annual Giving

Each year we reach out to the Walford community for financial assistance for a specific purpose or project. These are carefully selected to provide direct benefit to our students. We value your contribution, no matter the amount, as a sign of your support to our School.

Major Gifts and Capital Appeals

Major appeals are conducted periodically to help fund significant capital projects. Members of the Walford community are approached to commit to more substantial donations over an extended period. Donations are tax deductible. 


One of the most meaningful and simple ways of supporting Walford is to include a gift to the school in your will. Individuals, who notify the foundation that a bequest has been arranged, become members of the much respected Fleur de Lys Society. 

Memorial & Named Gifts

These valued gifts are utilised to name scholarships, parts of a building, a building or specific sporting or educational equipment.

Fundraising Committee & Special Events

The Foundation is led by the Blue and Gold Fundraising Committee, a talented and dedicated group of parents and old scholars who arrange fundraising and friend-raising activities during the year. We thank them for their time, commitment and dedication to the School.

If you would like further information about how to contribute to the School please contact the Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms Prue Bowley on 08 8373 4062 or and your enquiry will be dealt with in confidence. 

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