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Choosing the right school for your daughter is not easy. A good school means different things to different people. For some it is the academic outcomes of a school that define its excellence. For others it is the breadth of the school’s curricular and co-curricular activities. Many people are interested in the facilities a school has to offer, while for others it is the software that matters – the ethos and values of the school.

At Walford Anglican School for Girls everyone is justly proud of the academic results achieved by the students year after year. However, Walford is much more than just an academically excellent school.
In the past decade, Walford has built some of the finest education facilities in South Australia and its enrolments are such that the school is able to offer an extensive range of subjects and co-curricular activities.

The Walford ethos, however, remains one of its greatest strengths. Walford is a school where individuals are valued and nurtured, where the pastoral care of each girl is of paramount importance. The school offers a friendly, family oriented environment where respect for others, for courtesy and for community are strongly encouraged. It is a school where your daughter is encouraged to be the best that she can be.

Founded in 1893, Walford Anglican School for Girls offers schooling to approximately 650 girls from Early Learning, and Preparatory to Year 12.
Boarding is also available for 60 girls from Years 6-12. Walford operates as three sub-schools: Junior School caters for Preparatory to Year 5, Middle School for Years 6-9 and the Senior School incorporates Years 10-12. A broad range of SACE subjects and the IB Diploma are offered during Years 11 and 12. A dedicated team of some 70 teachers and 30 ancillary staff provide the highest quality service at all levels.

The campus is situated five kilometres from the centre of Adelaide. The Junior School Campus, the Secondary School Campus and Boarding House sit side by side. The school has modern, well-equipped facilities, including a Hall/Performing Arts Centre and Chapel, state of the art Information Centre and Computer laboratories, a Middle School complex and a superb Sports Centre. There are also tennis/netball courts, playing fields and oval, a swimming pool and two shared boatsheds.
Walford is very proud to have the best student accommodation facility in SA. The brand new complex has a dining room and cafe to serve the day girls as well as the boarders and a suite of new music rooms to house our popular music department with rehearsal and practice rooms.

Walford has always been a family school where the value and influence of life in the family are appreciated fully and encouraged. The school has a record of outstanding achievement in academic work and enjoys a fine reputation for its excellence in sporting, musical and dramatic performances. Your daughter will enjoy being a vital part of the Walford community.
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