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Our strategy Towards 2020, which was formulated in consultation with the Walford community, will serve as the framework upon which future priority setting and decision making is based.

It is always worthwhile, in any endeavour, to make time for honest self assessment, reflection and future thinking.

After the joy of celebrating our Jubilee year in 2013, we recognised that it was time for us to embark upon such a course of action.

While we are justifiably proud of our reputation as one of this nation’s leading schools for girls, we recognise that as well as consolidating our reputation, we need to ensure the sustainability of the school in a rapidly changing and at times uncertain environment.

During 2014, the Council of Governors sought feedback from all members of the Walford Community in order to inform its work around developing a future strategy.

We were delighted by the enthusiasm of all who chose to provide their input which saw more than three thousand pieces of information collected. In recent months, the Walford Governors with the support of the Executive Leadership Team, have worked to distil this feedback and articulate our plans for the future.

Our strategy Towards 2020 serves as the framework upon which future priority setting and decision making is based. It guides the operational initiatives of the School, which are reported to our community at the end of each year.

We are delighted to share with you our Strategic Plan and invite you to join with us as we work towards a compelling and exciting future, Towards 2020.

Walford’s Council has unveiled an exciting and compelling Master Plan that will see learning continue to flourish and our community to connect well into the future. Click here to read more details about Walford’s campus development plan.

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