Boarding at Walford

Our boarding house is a happy, vibrant community where the mix of boarders and the contributions of their families adds much to the tapestry of our School.

Welcome to Boarding at Walford

It is very important to me that when the girls enter the Boarding House at the end of a hard school day they enter a place where they can relax, unwind and be themselves. They are able to feel safe and secure and share any concerns and also share their joys, happiness and dreams. Our girls are supported in a positive environment where they are encouraged to care for their home, and most importantly, to care for each other.

The girls have the opportunity to make friends from all over Australia, and indeed the world. They are very accepting of each others' differences and rejoice in the overwhelming similarities they find in each other. Many great friendships are forged during a girl's time in boarding; friendships that will last a lifetime.

We enjoy many wonderful outings but just as importantly we enjoy each others' company and spend many happy weekends cooking, playing games and relaxing ready for the week ahead.

I believe that if we are able to provide the girls with a true home away from home, where they feel relaxed and comfortable, it sets them up well to thrive at school.

Sue Jones-Parry
Boarding House Manager


We work at making the boarding house seem as home-like as possible. Our staff are kind, generous of spirit and able to relate to young people in a positive manner.

Students who are new to boarding are encouraged to become familiar with their new home as early as possible. Overnight visits prior to starting enable new boarders to experience boarding life and form friendships before their formal schooling begins.

All new students are paired with a current boarder who provides valuable support in her early days. The Boarding House Captains and Prefects, along with the School Counselor are also available to support the transition of new students into the School.

The design of the boarding house lends itself to forming close friendships. All girls are allocated to a ‘house’ within the boarding house, where they share a modern lounge area with kitchen facilities with a small group.They are also able to gather in larger groups in the entertainment areas.

Academic Support

The boarding house has a positive and productive atmosphere. Younger students have supervised homework times whilst the older students work more independently.

Boarding staff members communicate regularly with teaching staff to ensure that any academic concerns are quickly resolved and they keep in close contact with parents.


All of our students are active and boarding helps them to socialise and to organise the use of their time. After school, girls may play a range of sports or take dancing lessons, gym classes, learn to drive, run, practise music or singing. Several girls coach or umpire school teams.

We ensure boarders have the same opportunities as day girls, and organise weekend activities regularly. Activities are based on what the girls would like to do. They mix with other Adelaide boarding schools and some of the activities the girls enjoy include socials, laser skirmishing, ten-pin bowling, visits to sporting events, the beach, movies and visits to national parks.


All students dine together in the cafeteria and enjoy the specially designed alfresco areas when the weather is warm.

Delicious, well-balanced meals are provided by our catering staff, who are able to accommodate special dietary requirements. The girls enjoy special treats, such as a buffet brunch each Sunday. The girls also enjoy using their kitchenette to make and share snacks after school and on weekends.

Staying Connected

Modern technology has opened up many channels of communication. Students and their families stay in touch through phone calls, emails, social media and Skype.

Boarding staff communicate regularly and frequently with parents. We encourage parents to contact us at any time.

We aim to build a sense of community amongst our boarding families, and hold a number of events throughout the year to facilitate this. We also encourage families to hold get-togethers with other Walford boarding families in their local areas.

In addition to School communications, the boarding house also has its own Facebook page and newsletter.

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Telephone: +61 8 8272 6555  |  Facsimile: +61 8 8272 0313

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