Boarding Life

To fully appreciate our boarding house, it’s best to hear what our boarding community have to say.

Selecting a Boarding School

I would advise parents considering boarding to choose a school that feels right. Single sex for girls is a terrific choice. Choose a school that is not too big. You don’t want her to slip through unnoticed. Select the school with your daughter – she needs to live there happily. We visited Walford’s Open Day and took a School tour with our daughter. We spoke with current students and staff about why they liked Walford, and we liked their answers! “Walford is a happy place” and “It’s not nerdy to learn” were some of the things we heard. We also loved Walford’s grounds. Following conversations with the Director of Admissions and Boarding House Manager, we knew it was the right place for us.
Kim, Walford Boarding Parent

Being a Boarder

Boarding has taught me life skills and made me a stronger person. I have developed life-long friendships with girls from all over the world. Coming from a small town to a big city like Adelaide gives you a wider perspective on life. It’s great to be able to learn things from the day girls and also share some insight on country life with them.
Grace, Walford Boarding Student

We have watched our daughter flourish – academically, socially, in her sport and independence. She has loved having older “sisters” and many house “mothers” in the boarding house. 
Kim, Walford Boarding Parent

We also have a lot to do with the day girls. When I first came here, I didn’t expect them to be so friendly and nice! Now they are amongst my best friends. 
Larissa, Walford Boarding Student

Weekend Activities

The outings the boarding house staff make our boarding experience so much more enjoyable. We also have to participate in at least one sport. This is really important because it takes your mind off being homesick and helps you develop strong friendships with different girls. 
Grace, Walford Boarding Student

Mrs Jones-Parry and the staff make the boarding house feel so much like home. They organise special outings for us, such as going to the beach, shopping trips, ice skating, movies, socials and paint balling. These have definitely been a highlight of boarding!
Larissa, Walford Boarding Student

Making Friends

I have formed so many friendships that will last a lifetime in the boarding house. I had always wanted a sister, and now I have 50 of them! The boarding house feels so much like home, and I will miss it when I leave at the end of the year. 
Larissa, Walford Boarding Student

I’m always hearing how encouraging and supportive the other boarders and day girls are to each other, and our daughter has also developed these skills towards others.
Kim, Walford Boarding Parent

Feeling Connected

We are able to feel a part of the school community via boarding and school newsletters, the Facebook page, and through phone calls from the staff, who are always helpful and supportive.
Kim, Walford Boarding Parent

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