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Walford is home to students from many parts of Australia and the world.

Local families are welcome to take advantage of weekly or short-term boarding opportunities. When parents need to travel abroad or interstate for periods of time, or on occasions of sudden need, the Walford Boarding House can offer temporary accommodation for your daughter(s). Girls are cared for by our professional boarding staff and enjoy the company of their "sisters" in a safe, warm and modern facility. Boarding is available for girls from Year 6 to Year 12.

Please contact the Admissions Office: 08 8373 4062 or admissions@walford.asn.au, or Ms Sue Jones-Parry, Boarding Manager: 08 8271 5158 or sjonesparry@walford.asn.au.

We currently have boarding students from:

Walford Boarders - From Around the World we are United

In recognition of Boarders’ Week at Walford, our blog post features a video showcasing the wide range of places our boarders call home. With the boarders fitting so seamlessly into life at Walford, it is good to be reminded of the diversity and richness of experiences they bring to the School. A special thanks to Keisha, one of our boarding students, who compiled the video.

Walford Boarders from Walford School on Vimeo.

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