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Walford is much closer than you think!

Walford buses are used exclusively by Walford students and are operated by experienced drivers who have passed rigorous testing and standards expected by the School. Each driver is known by name and is accessible to families via mobile phone for last minute changes in bookings and emergency communication.

Walford children of all ages from early learning through to Year 12 travel on our buses. They form a close bond and parents are comforted that their younger daughters are watched and nurtured by older students. Our bus travellers enjoy the opportunity to develop friendships across all year levels and in some instances, have been known to organize a social event during the school holidays!

To ensure we are providing an efficient service for our School community, the bus routes are regularly reviewed and updated so that bus pick up and drop off points can be as convenient as possible for all passengers. Please contact the School if your location is not included on the map of current bus routes and we will be happy to discuss how our service can suit your requirements.


The timetables below indicate the current routes, together with schedules of pickup and drop off points, times and charges.

If your daughter would like to use our school bus service (this can be to school, from school, or both ways), please complete the Bus Booking Form.

St Peter’s College Morning Shuttle

Walford provides a daily morning shuttle bus service to St Peter’s College, offering great convenience for the many families with children at both schools.
St Peter’s boys of all ages are enjoying using this safe and efficient service.
The shuttle bus departs from the Kiss and Drop pickup point in Northgate Street Carpark at 8am, arriving at St Peter’s College Junior School Administration Building at approximately 8.25am. 
Please contact the school for full details and online bookings.


Ms Gaynor Howkins
Phone: 08 8373 0780.
Email: ghowkins@walford.asn.au.

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Telephone: +61 8 8272 6555  |  Facsimile: +61 8 8272 0313

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