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2018 Student Success

We wish to congratulate the Class of 2018 on their excellent SACE results.

Of the 32 subjects studied in Year 12, 55 percent of all grades were in the A band. This compares with a state average of 26.4 percent.

56 percent of our students who applied to obtain an ATAR achieved a result placing them in the top 10 percent of the nation. 37 percent attained an ATAR in excess of 95.

On behalf of the Walford community, we extend special congratulations to Catherine Arens and Charlotte Hall who achieved an ATAR of above 99.

Arissa Michos and Marit Gillam achieved an ATAR of above 98.

Whilst these outstanding results reflect the commitment of our students to strive for their best, we acknowledge that these results alone do not define the success of a Walford graduate. Beneath these results exists independent stories of perseverance, tenacity and tremendous personal growth. Girls have been courageous in their learning and they have encouraged each other along the way.

At Walford, students are able to select the academic pathway that is right for them and, within that pathway, to select subjects that will challenge their thinking, stretch their capacity to endure complexity in learning as well as excel in areas of interest and strength.

Balancing this portfolio with co-curricular participation and involvement in service activities provides some of the best preparation for lifelong learning and fulfillment beyond the Walford gates.

Our dedicated staff have worked in partnership with families to provide guidance and support to enable each student to feel encouraged at every stage of her learning.

In January students who completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma will have results released, and we look forward to being able to have a full picture of the Year 12 cohorts results for 2018.

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