Choirs and Ensembles

Our aim is to provide a music program that is inclusive for all instrumental students and vocalists. Over 320 students, ranging from Years 2 to 12, are involved in a choir. We also have two choirs that require auditioned entry - Chica Vocé and ChanterElle.

Approximately 170 students are involved in at least one instrumental ensemble each week. Ensembles are offered for string players, band instruments and a variety of others including percussion, flute, saxophone and handbells.

Some of the music groups and activities the girls can join include:


  • Concert Band (Senior, Intermediate and Junior)
  • Stage Band (Senior, Intermediate and Junior)
  • Senior Orchestra
  • String Orchestra (Senior, Intermediate and Junior)
  • String Ensemble (Junior)
  • Flute Ensemble (Senior and Intermediate)
  • Handbell Choir (Senior and Intermediate)
  • Percussion Ensemble (Senior and Intermediate)
  • Year 5 Class Ensemble
  • Year 2 Class Ensemble


  • ChanterElle
  • Chica Vocé
  • Senior Choir
  • Middle School Choir
  • Intermediate Choir
  • Concert Choir 
  • Junior Choir

Instrumental Program

Walford's instrumental program includes 22 staff and over 200 students. We teach 17 different instruments and run individual theory lessons. Students can choose to work towards AMEB performance and theory examinations.

Concerts and Events

The School present approximately 30 music events each year, ranging from the School Musical, preparation for which begins 12 months in advance, to smaller performances. Students enjoy participating and watching these special events.

Watch the highlights video from Walford's past Musical Showcases 

Students are also involved in participating in:

  • Generations in Jazz
  • ABODA Band Festival
  • Annual Choral Concert
  • Concerts with Boys' Schools
  • Cabaret
  • Service of Lessons and Carols

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