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The philosophy of the Australian International Pedal Prix (AIPP) is to “… provide an environment in which young people can demonstrate innovation, risk taking, collaborative learning, confidence, appreciation and appropriate behaviour…”

The aims of Walford Racing Pedal Prix echo the AIPP philosophy. In participating in Pedal Prix, girls can expect to be supported in their endeavours while being challenged to create and seek goals within a team environment.  Girls are encouraged to become self-assured by building knowledge, ability and team support.

The Australian International Pedal Prix (AIPP) is the organising body for Pedal Prix. Their website is always up to date and informative:

Walford will participate in three rounds in the UniSA Australia HPV Super Series culminating in the AIPP 24-Hour Event at Murray Bridge. 

The races are essentially a relay with the girls taking turns to race in the ‘human powered vehicles’ (HPV).  AIPP monitors safety and organises the events but does not impose a structure on the sequence of racing.  This means that as well as physically racing, the team members organise their own race strategies. Walford has a long history of participation in Pedal Prix.  We aim for the girls to develop a system of self-management for their team and to take as much ownership as possible with our support and guidance. This year we anticipate teams will complete 665 kilometres during the 24-hour race.


The AIPP divides Pedal Prix into School and Community categories. Within the School bracket there are three categories:

Category S1 - Primary School (where riders are from Years 6 and 7) - up to twenty riders per team

Category S2 - Middle School (where riders are Year 10 or below) - up to fourteen riders per team

Category S3 - Senior School (where riders are Year 12 or below) - up to twelve riders per team


We enter teams into Categories S1 and S2.  In addition to the riders, we have a number of important roles in the Pit Team with the Year 10 and 11 coaches, who help supervise changeovers, timing, maintenance and other important pit jobs. 

Walford Pedal Prix relies heavily on the support of the parents to assist with the maintenance of the bikes, loading and unloading the trailer, set up and catering of the 24 hour race. The strong support of our parents creates a very special community in supporting the endeavours of the girls. We thank all the parents that assist in helping us provide your daughters the best experience possible.

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