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At Walford we have a modern teaching approach that encourages students to think courageously, embrace technology and take on new challenges.

iPad Program

All students from Year 5 use iPads in the classroom, an initiative that has enabled our teachers to make full use of iPads and targeted apps as learning tools.

The iPad program aims to provide innovative ways to enhance the engagement and learning of our students. The iPad is a versatile, mobile device that enables students to access information as and when required. Students use their iPad apps to improve their research skills, collaboration and brainstorming techniques, personal organisation and time management skills. Students have instant access to curriculum content, assessment and revision tasks.

Using technology safely is a priority, and students are guided in using online technologies in a safe, healthy and positive manner.

Design and Technology

Walford has introduced an exciting new Design and Technology program for students in Years 6 and 7. Through this program students explore the ways in which robotics and technology have evolved over time. They then apply their creative, engineering and mathematical skills to build and program the latest Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots.

Students also investigate sustainability initiatives, including designing sustainable housing and inventing new uses for recycled goods. Students explore the latest in presentation and cinematographic techniques.

The skills developed in Year 6 are built upon in the Year 7 program, with students introduced to the latest in stabilisation tools and camera techniques. Students also draw upon their robotic programming experiences to create an iPad app game to share with family and friends.

Apple Distinguished School

Walford’s IT facilities and IT-rich curriculum have been acknowledged over many years by the Apple Distinguished School program. 

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