The wellbeing of each student underpins everything we do at Walford.

A formal pastoral care program is incorporated into class and House Tutor sessions. This program covers themes such as self-awareness and identity, health and wellbeing, community awareness, interacting with others, life skills, stress, resilience and optimism, team building, bullying and harassment, and cyber awareness and safety.

The House System

The School has a well-established House system, with each student and staff member allocated to one of five Houses; Cleland, Fletcher, Gordon, Murray or Prince Rayner. The Houses provide the students with a sense of belonging, while encouraging friendly competition. They also strengthen the connection between the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

This structure provides the basis for a coherent pastoral care program, as well as opportunities for House-based community service activities. Some of the House-based activities held throughout the year include: House Dinners, House Glee, House Chess, Mini Olympics, InterHouse Quiz, InterHouse Swimming Carnival, InterHouse Athletics Carnival, House Sport, Welcome Morning Teas for new students and Lent fundraising activities.

Peer Leaders’ Program

Every girl in Years 6, 7 and 8 has a Peer Leader who is her mentor and friend in the school. Peer Leaders are Year 11 students who apply for the positions and are specially trained to mentor and support their groups. Special friendships are formed and wonderful role models emerge, ensuring no one is lonely or uninvolved in school life.

A similar program is replicated in the Junior School, with Year 5 girls talking on leadership and mentoring roles for small groups of younger girls.


We provide opportunities for personal growth through leadership both in and out of the classroom. Student Leaders are elected by peers in all three sub-schools. As well as leading the student body, student leaders take on a caring, guiding and mentoring role for all students.


Camps are an integral part of the School program, providing opportunities for outdoor experiences that help promote team building and resilience. These experiences commence with extended day trips in Reception, and extend to camel treks and abseiling adventures in the senior years.

Contacts for Wellbeing

All staff are committed to the wellbeing of students at Walford. Heads of House and Heads of School play key roles and are accessible to both students and their parents. In the Junior School, a Wellbeing Coordinator, Mrs Annabel Howard, provides support to students and staff.

The School Chaplain, Reverend Gary Hillman , and School Counsellor, Ms Adele Harty, are also involved in pastoral care.

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