SACE offers a pathway for senior students to Australian tertiary studies.

Students in Year 11 will generally study most of their Stage 1 subjects, and those in Year 12 generally take Stage 2 subjects. However, some variations may be allowed, subject to School policy.

To qualify for SACE students must attain 200 credit points (10 points being the equivalent of one semester in a particular subject).

This 200 points will be made up of the following compulsory elements:

  • Personal Learning Plan in Year 10 (10 points)
  • English/ESL at Stage 1 (20 points)
  • Mathematics at Stage 1 (10 points)
  • Research Project at Stage 1 or 2 (10 points)
  • Completion of subjects and courses at Stage 2 (80 points)
  • Completion of an additional range of subjects and/or courses at Stage 1 or 2 (70 points).

Capabilities, Skills and Knowledge

The core of the SACE is a focus on the following essential skills and knowledge (Capabilities). These are:

  • Communication
  • Understanding of social and political issues
  • Personal skills
  • Practical attributes
  • Application of knowledge. 

SACE Assessment

Stage One

  • Stage 1 of the SACE will be assessed by teachers using an A to E scale 

Stage Two

  • Stage 2 of the SACE will be assessed on the basis of 30% external (outside the school) assessment and 70% moderated teacher assessment for all subjects
  • An A+ to E- scale will be used to report student results

Tertiary Entrance Requirements

  • All student results and marks will continue to be provided for calculation of the ATAR
  • The universities and TAFE will continue to set their entrance requirements

Further Information

Further information can be found on the SACE website:

316 Unley Road Hyde Park, South Australia 5061
Telephone: +61 8 8272 6555  |  Facsimile: +61 8 8272 0313

CRICOS No 00563J

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