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From the Principal

From the Principal

In 1914, the weight of the First World War bore down on Walford as it did across the nation and the world. With few students or staff members immune from the fear and experience of seeing loved ones head off to war, Headmistress, Miss Benham and her Senior Mistress at the time, Miss Baker were determined to find a way to lift the spirits of the community, as well as to give girls a collective sense of belonging to their school.

The prefects at the time were encouraged to help design the School Crest which subsequently became the Walford badge, a powerful symbol today as it was then.

I encourage you to look at your daughter’s badge, or, if you are a student or old scholar, your own badge, before you read further.

Shaped like a Knight’s shield, the fleur-de-lis added to the heroic flourish of the crest, a symbolic reminder of the need to be strong, brave, kind and unselfish. The cross was chosen to highlight the ideal of Christian faith, love and service, whilst the open book of knowledge emphasised the firm belief and priority placed on learning – new ways of learning, thinking and expanding one’s mind and understanding of the world. Just as significant today.

The Latin motto Virtute et Veritate, with moral courage and truth remains as relevant today to us all as it was to the girls in 1917.

Stemming from the Latin word Cor, meaning “heart”, there is no greater quality than remaining true to your real and authentic self.

In Miss Benham and Miss Baker’s day, the motto no doubt inspired girls to remain hopeful and optimistic during a time of despair. It was deemed to be the “spirit in which all Walford girls are called upon to tackle the problems and difficulties of life, both at school and in the after days.” The impact of the War and the Great Depression that followed were difficult times and collectively, the entire community need to rally courageously to withstand the challenges faced.

Today, our time is vastly different. Yet the need to empower girls and young women to be courageous is just as, if not more, critical.

At Walford, we want our girls to develop the courage they need to be their true and authentic selves. To step out of their comfort zones, to stand up for that which they believe to be right and just, even if others around them disagree.

We are living in remarkable times for women and we certainly have our brave forebears to thank for this. Courageous women who stood up for their right to vote, to attend university, to have the same opportunities afforded to them as the men around them.

Yet more courage is needed – from us all – as parents and teachers of girls we wish to see bravely lean forward in a world that is exhilarating and complicated.

Today, the impact of technology and social media in particular can see girls feel pressured to convey a persona that isn’t real.

The pressure an adolescent girl feels to conform to group norms in order to be accepted can result in a feeling of loneliness in the most crowded of places.

The fear a young woman faces of “getting it wrong” of missing out, of failing, of being rejected, of not being “as good as” those around her, can hold her back. It can stop her from putting herself forward for new opportunities, from speaking up for what she believes in for facing things that are difficult in her life.

Our culture at Walford is built on a firm foundation of a community working together to uphold the values of the school so that we can help each student achieve her best. This is the message I will be sharing with each year level in turn as we visit our student support policies and procedures which exist to support the learning, safety and wellbeing of all within our community. I encourage you to view the policies your daughter has signed in the front of her diary and discuss these together at home. Talk to her about bravery and the persistence to never give up, especially during those moments of challenge she will inevitably face.

It is a privilege to partner with you as together we raise courageous, truthful, strong and resilient girls.

Rebecca Clarke

From the Deputy Principal

From the Deputy Principal

It was lovely to catch up at our New Parent drinks and Information Evening recently. This year we invited clinical psychologist Rita Princi-Hubbard, to address parents prior to meeting with classroom teachers/house tutors to hear routines explained, expectations outlined and about events planned for the year. Rita outlined the neuroscience of managing change and transition by applying neuroscience principles to understand stress and anxiety. Getting enough sleep was one of the critical factors, as was setting managing children’s technology. Her presentation has been posted to the parent portal. 

Over the course of the year we will also host a number of other guest speakers, including Paul Dillon and I would welcome topic ideas, areas of interest or feedback. Educating our girls is a partnership. Positive parent engagement with school not only empowers parents but also enriches student learning and wellbeing.

In 2019, I am also delighted to announce that Walford will partner with Kickstart to support one of their camps.

Camp Kickstart is a vacation program for vulnerable and disadvantaged children aged 5 to 13; children who unlike many, do not look forward to the holidays. For children who are exposed to abuse, poverty and drug addiction, the school holidays are a time when they have no rest from the issues faced at home.

Kickstart’s camp program transports vulnerable children to and from the camps where they are provided with food and supervision as well as fun activities. Walford students (years 9 and above) will be able to volunteer to help at the camp and the support of the wonderful wider Walford community will also be sought by helping to provide all children in the program with a back pack full of new clothes and accessories on their first day at camp.  We did so in 2017 and I was overwhelmed by the generosity of Walford families.  Further details and how you can help will be provided in the coming weeks. Year 12 CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) girls, along with the Student Council will help facilitate this.

CAS is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate program and enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience. It should also be beneficial for the community. While a component of CAS more widely such involvement “empowers our girls to participate with confidence, courage and compassion in our world”.

My position as Deputy Principal is one that enables me to work with, engage, and get to know all members of our community. Being in a small school helps facilitate this, every girl knows that she is an important part of our 'family' – it is a pleasure to work in an environment that is so warm and caring. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time via email or through the Front Office, with any concerns, questions or if I can assist in any way. I hope to be an integral part of and share in your daughter(s) education.

The Walford staff care deeply about the well-being of our girls. To this end I would also strongly encourage you to contact the staff at any time with any issues or concerns albeit it social or academic.

I look forward to catching up with you all at the many exciting events planned over the course of 2019.

Another exciting year lies ahead.

Mandy Hore
Deputy Principal

School Notices

School Notices

Safe and Courteous Driving and Parking in and around Walford

The beginning of a new school year is an opportune time to remind all members of the Walford community about the importance of adhering to road rules and parking restrictions in and around the Walford campus.

Unsafe, discourteous and illegal driver behaviour is unacceptable, but unfortunately it has sometimes been observed at Walford. This is concerning for many reasons but primarily because such behaviour leads to an increased safety risk to students and others and on occasion, inconvenience to our neighbours as well.

When at Walford please adhere to all speed and parking restrictions whether on campus or in surrounding streets. City of Unley traffic officers patrolling the area surrounding Walford will issue infringement notices for vehicles left illegally in ‘no parking’ or restricted parking zones.

Please do not park in a designated ‘kiss and drop’ zone or drop students off in driveway areas, on the pedestrian crossing, while double parked, or in the laneway that runs alongside the secondary campus, and always have students alight on the curb side of a roadway.

The beginning and end of each school day is very busy and caution, vigilance and the observance of traffic regulations by all is needed if risks to personal safety are to be minimised and fines avoided.

Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

Wendy McFarlane
Business Director

Discontinuation of Instrumental Tuition

To discontinue instrumental lessons, at least four weeks’ notice before the end of term must be given to the school and the tutor by filling in a 'Discontinue Lessons' form available from the Music Department. This must be signed by parents. If sufficient notice has not been given, parents will be charged for the next term’s fees.

To discontinue instrumental lessons next term, forms must be submitted by Friday 15 March. Forms submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Events of Interest

The Principal, Rebecca Clarke, would like to make you aware of the following activities that may be of interest to students. 

Shane Davidson Presents: Peter Pan 

SHANE DAVIDSON PRESENTS is a youth based performing arts company and is currently casting two shows in Term 2. The first is a play of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan and the second is a play called Hating Alison Ashley. The age group for both productions is 8-14 years. Each child who participates is given a speaking role and the main roles of any production require an audition. In April we will commence casting for a major musical which will be staged in October this year.

For enquiries and to register your child’s interest, please email Shane Davidson Artistic Director on;

Join the Jets



Congratulations to Lucy Wehr (Year 9) for two notable achievements over the summer holidays.  In January Lucy represented South Australia in the U15 National Softball Championships that were held in Mirrabooka Perth. The team finished 4th behind QLD and two powerful NSW Metro teams.  The girls were able to watch and learn from the best Softball players in Australia who were playing off for the National Championships at the same venue.  Lucy was also selected as reserve goal keeper for the South Australian U15 girl’s hockey team.  She will train with the squad and travel to Sydney in April should a position become available.

Congratulations to Abbey Olafsen, Scarlett Papps-Burford, Lara Tamke, and Samantha Parish (Year 8) for having their illustrations selected in the National 2018 Wombat Books Illustration Challenge for publication. The published book is called Around Australia in 30 Places and will be published later this year. Well done girls!

Boarders’ Week 2019

Boarders’ Week 2019

Boarders Week 2019 from Walford School on Vimeo.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Friday 22 Febaury - Fig Tree Friday

Hosted by the PTA, parents and caregivers are warmly invited to join the Executive team for Fig Tree Friday, a chance to enjoy a coffee and a catch up on the deck of the Fig Tree Café.

Tuesday 26 February - PTA AGM

Friday 15 March – PTA Vintage Picnic

Saturday 23 March – Head of the River

From the Health Centre

From the Health Centre



Year 8


Year 10


Year 11


School Immunisation Program

Year 8 - 1st Visit for Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis

Year 10 – 1st Visit for Meningococcal B

Year 11 – 1st Visit for Meningococcal B

Eastern Health Authority (EHA -, will soon be visiting your child’s school to commence the above vaccinations (Dose 1) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the school office for one, if unavailable contact EHA on 8132 3600.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform EHA immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 8132 3600.

Please notify us if:

  • Your child has already started the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child’s medical condition has changed.

Remember: It is your responsibility to advise EHA on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child’s medical condition.  A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child’s diary is acceptable.

Please notify the Walford Health Centre on 8291 3171 if you have any questions or concerns.

Fiona Willis, Tanya Rundle and Ange Conroy
Walford Nurses

Friday is Open Day at Walford

Friday is Open Day at Walford

You are warmly invited to join the Principal, Rebecca Clarke for a Friday walk and talk on a tour of the School.

Tours are available on any Friday during school terms at one of the following times.


Bookings can be made online or by calling the Admissions Office on 8373 6042 or email

Alternative times can be made available.

This month on SchoolTV - Mindfulness

This month on SchoolTV - Mindfulness

Recent studies have shown that one in seven primary school children have significant mental health disorders, and one in four secondary school students have psychological problems. Every year, in the last five years, that number has increased. Mindfulness, is the practice of being in the moment, being present and being open to what you're focusing on. Mindfulness is all about building resilience. It is not a replacement for therapy or medication for mental health issues, but will hopefully reduce the need for it later on.

Here is the link to this month’s edition 

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback. 


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