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The Receptions have been exploring beyond the classroom as they develop their understanding around their Unit of Inquiry: Identifying the actions people take in response to Earth’s natural cycles. The trip to the Botanic Gardens enabled them to investigate seasonal changes as they closely examined the flora. Last week they visited the Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre. I was so impressed with their conversations following the trip where each girl could articulate the recycling process and then reflect on the environmental effects. The learning will continue with a visit from KESAB and a hands-on experience making their own paper later in the term.

The Year 1s inquiry into light saw them venture over to our Senior Science Labs recently as they discovered first-hand the properties of light under the guidance of our Science Coordinator, Maria Caruso. They could apply this knowledge when they then were challenged with designing a machine that can create light, sound and air! Further to this investigation, during STEM time students then designed, made and tested parachutes to discover the best materials for an effective flight.

A weekly open morning has continued to be a tremendously successful way for the Year 2 students to not only consolidate their literacy and numeracy learning but also teach their visitors a few new things along the way! The action of teaching on their knowledge is a fantastic and engaging way to deepen their understanding and continue to develop communication skills. As part of their extensive Literacy Program, students have been closely examining non-fiction texts, cross checking facts from different sources and then learning to take accurate notes using key words, flow charts and diagrams to record information.

Year 3s have made fantastic links with their Unit of Inquiry through reading the “Our Australia” series of books by Phil Kettle. Through the eyes of the main character Taha, as he travels to each new state, our students have been exploring the natural and man-made features of each area, mapping the locations, and keeping their own diaries of the journey along the way. The students have been captivated by the stories as well as thoroughly enjoying their own imaginary journeys.

The Year 4 unit on Biodiversity has given the students a great opportunity to research a specific ecosystem. Students have made good use of their iPads to support their inquiries and one of the methods for sharing their information on an invasive species is in the role of news reporter. The students have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating their dramatic flair into their presentations! Soon the year level will venture out to Urrbrae Wetlands to examine this unique area at a microscopic level.

It has been wonderful to see the Year 5 students each take on the role of leader as our Walford Peer Support Program gets into full swing. I have seen the girls work confidently and sensitively with their small group of students from Reception to Year 4 as they facilitate a lunchtime activity designed to be inclusive, fun and strengthen the bonds between year levels. What a great opportunity to be able to further develop leadership skills following their intensive training sessions.

Beyond the classroom the SRC reps have been taking action in designing their response to the student led fundraising campaign for the Leukemia Foundation. Each year level has planned an activity and over the rest of Term 2 and throughout Term 3, they will be organising fun events for all girls to be a part of. We look forward to sharing more details of this initiative very soon.

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