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School Notices

School Notices

Safe and Courteous Driving and Parking in and around Walford

The beginning of a new school year is an opportune time to remind all members of the Walford community about the importance of adhering to road rules and parking restrictions in and around the Walford campus.

Unsafe, discourteous and illegal driver behaviour is unacceptable, but unfortunately it has sometimes been observed at Walford. This is concerning for many reasons but primarily because such behaviour leads to an increased safety risk to students and others and on occasion, inconvenience to our neighbours as well.

When at Walford please adhere to all speed and parking restrictions whether on campus or in surrounding streets. City of Unley traffic officers patrolling the area surrounding Walford will issue infringement notices for vehicles left illegally in ‘no parking’ or restricted parking zones.

Please do not park in a designated ‘kiss and drop’ zone or drop students off in driveway areas, on the pedestrian crossing, while double parked, or in the laneway that runs alongside the secondary campus, and always have students alight on the curb side of a roadway.

The beginning and end of each school day is very busy and caution, vigilance and the observance of traffic regulations by all is needed if risks to personal safety are to be minimised and fines avoided.

Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

Wendy McFarlane
Business Director

Discontinuation of Instrumental Tuition

To discontinue instrumental lessons, at least four weeks’ notice before the end of term must be given to the school and the tutor by filling in a 'Discontinue Lessons' form available from the Music Department. This must be signed by parents. If sufficient notice has not been given, parents will be charged for the next term’s fees.

To discontinue instrumental lessons next term, forms must be submitted by Friday 15 March. Forms submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Events of Interest

The Principal, Rebecca Clarke, would like to make you aware of the following activities that may be of interest to students. 

Shane Davidson Presents: Peter Pan 

SHANE DAVIDSON PRESENTS is a youth based performing arts company and is currently casting two shows in Term 2. The first is a play of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan and the second is a play called Hating Alison Ashley. The age group for both productions is 8-14 years. Each child who participates is given a speaking role and the main roles of any production require an audition. In April we will commence casting for a major musical which will be staged in October this year.

For enquiries and to register your child’s interest, please email Shane Davidson Artistic Director on;

Join the Jets

316 Unley Road Hyde Park, South Australia 5061
Telephone: +61 8 8272 6555  |  Facsimile: +61 8 8272 0313

CRICOS No 00563J

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